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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's up?

Wow this took way too long to post. Sorry. We have been working on a few projects here and there. I feel like there is so much we want to get done before the Birthday party (Sadie's 1st in case you forgot) and not enough hours in our day. I'm waiting for my camera to upload the pics I took for this blog but it seems to be reimporting EVERYTHING on the camera. Like stuff I've already imported is importing again. I hate this computer tech stuff. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... 769 imports later...
I love this. I'm thinking about tackling it at some point.

I re-arranged the playroom so it went from this (when we came to look at the house for the first time):

To this (all fixed and set up):

To it's new re arranging (we still need the tv stand or even a new wall mounted tv):
I started to get the art/craft room set up. The walls still need to be painted. The ugly mint green is from the previous owners. There are drips of that ugly paint all over the trim too. I'll deal with that when I get there.

God I can't wait to paint that!
In the process:
I know, it looks like shit right now. Don't worry it will be kind of fabulous when I can get to it!  

The family room before (as stated in the past the 2008 stamp on the pictures is incorrect. It was in 2011/2012):

 Josh getting ready for the floors:

And here it is as of today:
 The great outdoors. Don't judge. This is what we got when we bought it (remember it was a foreclosure). We have a lovely "pond" or "hole" in our back yard from where an above ground pool once stood. My step dad brought fill today so that hole is going to be all filled in. Just have to wait for the grass to grow. Waiting... The ugly shed is going to be demolished and scrapped for cash. Josh plans on building a new one, a nice one, a sturdy one! There are some pics of our deck and porch too:     

That's all the updating for now. I've been trying to make a "to do" list for things that need to get done before the party. Maybe I'll just jot it down here. Let's go room by room. No, let's start outside:
-Put final coat of paint on front door
-Hang house numbers
-Spray paint outdoor fixtures (if they look bad we'll just buy new ones)
-Do as much landscaping as possible (We can't plant anything yet but we can hack down old dead bushes)
-Fill in "hole" (almost there)
-Clean off deck furniture
-Paint deck
-Chop down brush behind and on side of fence

Now on to the indoors:
-Scrape and repaint stairs
-Stick up stair railings
-Clean/organize 2nd floor (this includes art room/guest room and storage area)
-Get TV stand for playroom (or just get the poor kid a new wall mounted TV)
-Paint closet door in main bath
-Touch up all paint including but not limited to trim
-Hang Sadie's mirror above dresser
-Finish and hang all artwork in BRs    
-Hang door on mudroom and paint     
 I'm not even sure if that's everything but it's a good start. We have exactly  21 days. Who wants to baby sit? Write art history papers? Draft detail drawings? Work for Josh? Help us with our list? Anybody? Somebody? Please...          

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  1. I think you've made great progress so far! Don't worry, I completely understand the pain of a slow renovation and never ending paint job - I'm in the same situation at my house. I'm sure you'll get there in the end and your family room looks great. xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)