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Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving week!

Yes, it's finally here! Moving week. Josh has been doing so much at the house in order to have it livable by the end of the week. I've been packing as much as I can. Here is what our current house looks like:

Boxes, boxes everywhere! We are going to be living with the bare minimum this week. It better not snow!

Here's what Josh has been working on:

Office floors are sanded just need some polyurethane:
 Living Room floors are sanded (this isn't a very good pic) just need poly (I helped sand a little bit in here):
 We finally found a floor sander to rent that isn't a drum sander. If you are refinishing your floors don't rent a drum sander. They are too rough on wooden floors (weird how everyone rents them for that purpose but trust me):
 Dining room. Love it:
I did some stuff too: Here is the bay window all finished and I went on a Christmas Tree Shoppes shopping extravaganza (that's where the cloche and glass vases came from, we're doing a big ol' terranium thing here):

The valance blinds are all hung back up and we are going to hang our curtain rods soon. Here is the mercury glass rod we found on clearance at Lowes & one for our kitchen too (clearance is my favorite word):

Microwave is installed!
We just need to finish the back splash and poly the floors. The family room is all painted but we discovered a leak...on one of our heating pipes. We had someone there yesterday working on it and he'll be back today. Whoever built this house did a lousy job. We constantly have to fix their mistakes.

I started cleaning the mudroom which looked like a huge dog went like this:
Only it didn't shake off water but mud. Eww. Painting has begun in that room and I hope to work on it more tonight after class.

We won't be blogging until after the move and when we have internet int he new house. See you soon!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


The title says it all. Tile: Kitchen floor is done and the back splash is started and will be done by the end of this week! Counter tops are on and I love them!
Ohh so messy. Sorry.

That is not the counter top completed but look how pretty! Also notice our sink is back in and we have a new faucet.

Ya, that's my green coat just tossed aside in the hallway.

Ahhh loving it already. I had to leave to pick up the baby from my Mom's so I don't have more of what was done, but next time I will. It is not easy putting in little glass tiles like these. Using the tile nippers worked great but it's a ton of measuring and cutting (like around the window and outlets). I like the kitchen so much better now, even without the cabinets painted. It's much better than this:
Guess what I was doing all day?! Painting.

 I was painting doors and closet doors with Behr ONE paint. Let me tell you something, it doesn't mean it will only take one coat. We have used this paint in several rooms (we like the coverage valspar no-VOC paint gives better) and they all needed about 3-4 coats but with the primer mixed in it should stick well. Oh, and yes I was painting on our newly painted dining room walls. My father in law thinks I'm crazy. I was very careful! This project needs to be done by Friday for floor sanding. Ya, good luck with that...
I left that paint in the paint tray and took a photo to remind me to tell you all about the most wonderful invention ever. This is a teflon paint tray. What does that mean? No cleaning! You just pour the extra paint back in the can and let the rest of it sit over night to dry and peel it off the next day (like those facial masks). I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. (sorry I have no idea who makes it but it's from Lowes or Home Depot).

I also made a mood board for the LR. I want to add a little POP of color so I chose yellow:
1. Existing blue grommet curtains
2. Yellow pattern I'm looking into getting to make/buy throw pillows
3. Existing blue throw pillows
4. Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray. Wall paint color in LR/DR
5. Geometric print I'll be framing
6. Existing table lamps (ours are shapes slightly different with the bulbous part closer to the bottom)
7. Existing couch
8. Existing Armoire (it's very similar to this) will house smaller TV
9. existing chair (not really a fan of it but it was a gift)
10. Existing hardwood floors (once they are sanded and treated)
11. Existing blue leaf rug
12. Existing end table (similar to this)

Thoughts? I think I might like the little bit of pop.

We will have more to post later in the week for sure!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Can we just be done already?!

Kitchen tiling is almost there!

I've been researching the best way to paint those cabinets and I think I've got it!

I know the sink looks like it belongs in the dump but when we shine it up it will look as pretty as the new faucet!

That is pretty much all that happened. I put another coat of paint on the bay windows and started stripping paint and glue off the stairs. Here is that:

BORING! That stuff got that disgusting old brown (aka poop) glue off pretty darn good. That is honestly all the house updates I have. The tiling took a lot of time and I didn't make it over to the house that much this weekend.

On another note I have to give a shout out to my favoritest baby in the whole-wide-world!!!!
Sadie turns 9 months on Tuesday! I don't know how that happened but she is doing all sorts of stuff these days like crawling, standing, laughing, kissing, waving, "talking", chasing the dogs around in her walker with evil-baby laugh and just being cutest darn kid. I love being her mommy!
And I should also mention that my wonderful husband is the best daddy in the world. He works his hiney off at his regular job then goes and works on making our house a home. He has been doing most of the hard stuff (all I do is paint) and it's really paying off. Thank you, Josh, for everything. We love you!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

We have been busy!

I have a ton of cleaning to do tonight so while my pictures are uploading on here I'll be running around making my house look like a home and sipping wine. I'm sure you really needed to know that! This weekend was like Christmas for me. Our carpets were installed in our 2 bedrooms and hallway and playroom and our bathroom tile is in  AND we found a mirror for the bathroom. Let's take a look:

Playroom with carpeting and a huge pink bookshelf:
Unfinished book shelf left behind

Overwhelmingly pink


Book shelf looks happy in here.

It's starting to come together nicely.
All I've been doing at the new house is painting. Here is the bay window that was originally going to only have the frame around it painted white.
I decided to paint the whole thing white!

Guess what I'll be doing on Sunday.
Looking good! Now only if we could find a floor sander to rent then we can have all that business done and the trim put up already!

Here is the hallway all carpeted up:

I'm thinking about making a roman shade in the hallway window with this fabric:
or this:
 I'd really like to splurge and get one of these Ikat designs by Robert Allen:

Right now I'm leaning more toward the first one but I still need to run it by Josh, after all it is his house too!

Master BR carpeted and ready to go and I cannot wait to sleep in here!:

Sadie's room (Don't mind all the little things. We are slowly moving in small stuff and starting to measure out and hang things). I think she will love it:
We will be moving the light to the DR after the floors are finished. I'm also thinking about spray painting that pink clock to a bright white rather than the pink I chose.

I really need to paint those closet walls. Someday...
I think I'd like to get this light, from Ikea, for her room:
And here's the bathroom. We just have to finish painting the closet door and hang a few things then it's done:

This mirror was on clearance for $30 @ home depot!

We have one of those eco pottys! Special buttons for pee and poop! 
Still deciding on a fabric for the roman shade in this room. It needs to match our shower curtain. Here it is in our current home:
Here are a list of small projects that I need to get done:
- Finish painting front door if we get another warm day
- Make template to hang embroidery hoops over crib like this:
- Make prints to hang in LR/DR
- Scrape paint off stair risers and re paint (ugh more painting!)
- DIY a cover for over wall AC unit
- Paint mirror for Sadie's room
- Hang pictures/shelving in rooms
- Pack stuff
- Move all the junk out of the kitchen so we can start ripping out floors

And those are just the little things! It's a lot of work making a house a home!