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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sorry I have been slacking. I am finally finished with finals! Now that I am on winter break I can get more done at the house. Here's whats been going on...

We ordered Sadie this ceiling fixture for her room:
It is so pretty but unfortunately it's way too large for her room. I totally didn't even check out the dimensions on it! Ooops! No biggie we love it so much we are going to rehang it in our dining room. I have a few ideas for a new inexpensive light for her room but more on that later.

We have most of our 1st floor all painted. Painted rooms include: Living room, dining room, hall way in front of half bath, kitchen, playroom, hallway, main bathroom, Sadie's bedroom and our bedroom. Rooms/spaces left to paint: All of upstairs (2 large areas), basement, family room in basement, mudroom in basement, office, front door and back doors and a large book case for the playroom. Wanna help?! (Ps. I will have pictures of the painted rooms soon).

We have our carpeting for the bedrooms and playroom on order and should be installed *crossyourfingers* first week of January. I better start packin' because my goal is to move by Jan 21st.

We decided to leave our half bath as is for now until we sell our first home. It's functional and with some major cleaning it will serve it's purpose for now. Here it is in all it's glory as of now:

Our kitchen is next on the list. Now that it's painted (pics to come soon) we need to remove the linoleum flooring and the 1/4" plywood in order to get ready for tiling! We have our new dishwasher sitting in the office waiting to be installed, fridge and washing machine (our 3 year old washing machine just died recently. Bummer) on order to be delivered this Thursday, over the range microwave is sitting at my dad's house and our new hot water heater is on it's way soon too. Here are some items we bought for our kitchen and some pics of the kitchen how it originally was:
Ohhh so glad that we painted over that. That bright green is as bad as Rudolph's bright red nose!

That dishwasher is gone, we've since replaced that hardware for something a little more modern.

I love that huge window and the eating nook!

Slate Sequoia Counter Tops

They look lovely with stainless and that counter wood is kind of close to oak. Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be painting our cabinets white one weekend...

Tile back splash, tile flooring and paint swatch.
Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage
I'll be doing more work tomorrow and I'll take more pics and update in a few days! Good night!

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