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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday post

We finally have our home and our locks have been changed. What a huge relief of stress! We have already started some work (before we even closed!) Here is one major problem that HAD to be ripped out (sorry some of the pics are dated 2008 because my camera reset itself and put its original date):

The roof was leaking for a few months (nevermind it being the rainiest season ever!) That is mold and moss growing on that ugly carpet. So here's what we did:

Eventually we got to the old hardwood (it used to be a covered porch at one time) and the flooring is fine. Good News! The roof is all patched up so now all we have to do is fix the ceiling and this doozie:

That little closet door on the right leads to the kitchen pantry... It is the dumbest thing ever! We are taking out the door and putting drywall up. Probably a good idea since this is going to be Sadie's future playroom. Wait until you see the progress photos! Can't wait to get started!

Here is another little demolition we did:
Dining room

Formal Living room

 Still trying to convince the Boss to get rid of the hideous tile path! Does anyone want to lend me your jack hammer?! The hardwood is in pretty good shape just needs a few repairs. Looks so much better though!

And here's what might happen this weekend:
Removing the ugly arch. It's so low and it makes the space feel awkward. As long as there isn't any importance to it being there, we are going to get rid of it. PS. I can't wait to paint over that awful stenciling.

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