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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last weekend

Thanks to Sadie's many awesome Grandparents for watching her, we were able to get more work done! Where to start...

Oh the tile "path":
Josh got the ugly tiles off only to find plywood literally covered with thousands of screws. I am not exaggerating. They also glued it to the hardwood floors as well. DISASTER!

Josh trying to get screws out.

Close up.
So we had my dad come the next day to help us get it. It took him a whole afternoon just to get some of it off.
This is where we are with this project for now.
I started taking the ugly carpet off the stairs:

That ugly carpet on the riser is glued so I still have some work to do with that.
Josh ripped out the rest of the carpeting:
Hallway. I painted it!

Baby room.
Josh fixed the awful patch job the previous owners left on the bathroom ceiling. Just needs painting:
Carpet in family room in basement is gone:
And I am almost done painting the playroom (we also put a door on it):
And this is what Sadie does while I bolg:
We will be doing some major painting this weekend so that we can sand our floors and start the kitchen already!

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