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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Last year today at 5:07 am my beautiful daughter made her way into this world. The best moment of my life was when they put my little girl into my arms. Happy Birthday, little bean who is now a big ham! I LOVE you!

Her 1st Birthday party- it was on Sunday. It was a success and I'm kind of glad it's over. This weekend we are taking her somewhere fun. We just don't know where yet. 


  1. Hi Kristi,

    I stopped by from Bower Power Blog. Your daughter is so cute! I plan to add you to my reading list. Can't wait to see your next projects!

    My husband and I are slowly making our house a home...slowly...extremely slow :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I took so long to respond. It's been a crazy week! Good luck with your home and taking it slow is the way to go!