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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's been awhile

Wow my blogger thingy is all different! I tried making a post yesterday but every time I tried to post a picture it would freeze up. I haven't had time to post much these past few weeks. Life has been crazy. My senior year is wrapping up this week and then next week are finals. Last weekend was our baby girl's 1st birthday party. We had fun! So much fun that I don't have many pictures. The day before the party our rec room got a makeover. It's still not finished. We I am kind of on a spending freeze so projects around here are at their minimum. It's hard having two houses with two mortgages and two sets of utility bills and only one person working. The good news is that someone made an offer on our former home and we accepted! The inspection is this Friday and if all goes well, the closing is scheduled for May 31st! That will be a big help for getting projects done! We need to do major landscaping out there!

Here's the party:
The Birthday girl running around.

The cupcake table. Before all 90 cupcakes PLUS a smoosh cake arrived!

Close up of the bean's timeline. Age a few minutes after birth til her 1st bday picture. Our pictures, from when we were small, are above her's. AWWWWW

Some of her many balloons. None of the latex lasted because we used those stupid clips, rather than tying them.

A table in the middle of our living room! We put all of her presents going up the stairs to keep them out of the way.
Good thing for our extra long Ikea dining room table. That's my mother in law filling out the Bean's time capsule.
 That's all the pictures I have of the party for now. I'm going to run down and take pictures of the bar as it is right now...:
 The "ugly" bar in all it's glory. One of these day's Josh is going to go down there and it will be painted. I don't have a hatred for wood...just ugly wood. We are looking into a bar top for it and stools! All that booze is my grandpa's vintage collection. It's older than me (31 wonderful years)!

 New flooring, paint job. We're in the market for good sticky things to hang his artwork. Don't recommend command strips because I'm here to tell you they don't work all that well.

 We really need new lighting. I'm thinking something a little less...Americana. Recessed light's would be wonderous!

 Josh and his dart board. He's always down there playing with that thing.

Our current stock in the fridge. Left over soda and water from the party. Really gross iced tea that I will dump out when I'm done blogging. Beer and Seagram's 7 baby!

Obviously I need to stock up on wine. I am planning a trip to the Fingerlakes May 12-13th with my girl friends. God - you know you're old when you start calling your lady friends your girl friends. It's my graduation dates but hey, send that diploma in the mail, I've got better things to do! I'll go to my graduation when I finish Grad school. Don't worry.

I did a little more to the mudroom that will never be finished. Don't mind my laundry back there!
There's that ugly golden wood again. I smell paint and umm something other than that sissy push tin front.
Josh painted the entire basement too. And you thought party prepping was all about hanging decorations? It all used to be chipped green:

 I contributed by fixing the mess on the stairs to the second floor:
I had to scrape all that old dried glue off, fill a ton of staple holes, paint, and viola! We really need to get a stair rail there don't we?

The only other thing we did was add some art work in the LR. It's from Turddemon on ebay. We love it:

Here's our "I hope to get this done over summer if all goes well" list:
-Landscape the crap out of our yard
-Paint upstairs and get it cleaned up
-Put up stair rail to 2nd floor
-Stain old desk for the Bean's room
-Finish rec. room
-Wash my car - no seriously it's going on 2 years!
-Fix front concrete steps
-Build shed

Until then...

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