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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spill the Beans

So I thought it would be *kind of* fun to see what's inside the Bean's diaper bag. Hmmm... not sure if that's really fun for a blog post or not but here we go:

 I use the Vera tote by Vera Bradley. It's in the Barcelona print which is no longer available but if you like it here is another option! I have to say I LOVE it! So much room. The whole inside is lined with little pockets and it's really deep and it also has two outside pockets.
Look at all this crap! Wanna know what a 1 year old and her momma carry around?
1 extra pair of pants and shirt. We occasionally  have accidents. A baby toy that I totally forgot was in there. Extra bib. Sunglasses, sun hat (if it were winter it would be a warmer hat).
Sippy cup with water, cheerios and puff snacks (my girl likes to eat), that yellow case holds forks and spoons, and a toothbrush! 
Hello Kitty sticky placemats for eating in restaurants, first aid kit, boogie wipes, diaper ointment, stack of diapers (size 5), and tushie wipes.
 Mom's stuff: Gum, little snack, keys, wristlet, phone, ipod and old receipts.

Am I forgetting anything? What do you keep in your diaper bag? I think I might do a few random posts like this while I'm off from school for the summer.

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