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Saturday, January 7, 2012

We have been busy!

I have a ton of cleaning to do tonight so while my pictures are uploading on here I'll be running around making my house look like a home and sipping wine. I'm sure you really needed to know that! This weekend was like Christmas for me. Our carpets were installed in our 2 bedrooms and hallway and playroom and our bathroom tile is in  AND we found a mirror for the bathroom. Let's take a look:

Playroom with carpeting and a huge pink bookshelf:
Unfinished book shelf left behind

Overwhelmingly pink


Book shelf looks happy in here.

It's starting to come together nicely.
All I've been doing at the new house is painting. Here is the bay window that was originally going to only have the frame around it painted white.
I decided to paint the whole thing white!

Guess what I'll be doing on Sunday.
Looking good! Now only if we could find a floor sander to rent then we can have all that business done and the trim put up already!

Here is the hallway all carpeted up:

I'm thinking about making a roman shade in the hallway window with this fabric:
or this:
 I'd really like to splurge and get one of these Ikat designs by Robert Allen:

Right now I'm leaning more toward the first one but I still need to run it by Josh, after all it is his house too!

Master BR carpeted and ready to go and I cannot wait to sleep in here!:

Sadie's room (Don't mind all the little things. We are slowly moving in small stuff and starting to measure out and hang things). I think she will love it:
We will be moving the light to the DR after the floors are finished. I'm also thinking about spray painting that pink clock to a bright white rather than the pink I chose.

I really need to paint those closet walls. Someday...
I think I'd like to get this light, from Ikea, for her room:
And here's the bathroom. We just have to finish painting the closet door and hang a few things then it's done:

This mirror was on clearance for $30 @ home depot!

We have one of those eco pottys! Special buttons for pee and poop! 
Still deciding on a fabric for the roman shade in this room. It needs to match our shower curtain. Here it is in our current home:
Here are a list of small projects that I need to get done:
- Finish painting front door if we get another warm day
- Make template to hang embroidery hoops over crib like this:
- Make prints to hang in LR/DR
- Scrape paint off stair risers and re paint (ugh more painting!)
- DIY a cover for over wall AC unit
- Paint mirror for Sadie's room
- Hang pictures/shelving in rooms
- Pack stuff
- Move all the junk out of the kitchen so we can start ripping out floors

And those are just the little things! It's a lot of work making a house a home!

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