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Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving week!

Yes, it's finally here! Moving week. Josh has been doing so much at the house in order to have it livable by the end of the week. I've been packing as much as I can. Here is what our current house looks like:

Boxes, boxes everywhere! We are going to be living with the bare minimum this week. It better not snow!

Here's what Josh has been working on:

Office floors are sanded just need some polyurethane:
 Living Room floors are sanded (this isn't a very good pic) just need poly (I helped sand a little bit in here):
 We finally found a floor sander to rent that isn't a drum sander. If you are refinishing your floors don't rent a drum sander. They are too rough on wooden floors (weird how everyone rents them for that purpose but trust me):
 Dining room. Love it:
I did some stuff too: Here is the bay window all finished and I went on a Christmas Tree Shoppes shopping extravaganza (that's where the cloche and glass vases came from, we're doing a big ol' terranium thing here):

The valance blinds are all hung back up and we are going to hang our curtain rods soon. Here is the mercury glass rod we found on clearance at Lowes & one for our kitchen too (clearance is my favorite word):

Microwave is installed!
We just need to finish the back splash and poly the floors. The family room is all painted but we discovered a leak...on one of our heating pipes. We had someone there yesterday working on it and he'll be back today. Whoever built this house did a lousy job. We constantly have to fix their mistakes.

I started cleaning the mudroom which looked like a huge dog went like this:
Only it didn't shake off water but mud. Eww. Painting has begun in that room and I hope to work on it more tonight after class.

We won't be blogging until after the move and when we have internet int he new house. See you soon!

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